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Mobile parameter tutorials

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Mobile parameter tutorials

Parameters are a way of creating a variable or a placeholder that is waiting for input from either the user or the database. The variable then queries the database or the user for more information. You can add parameters to a data item or an action item.

When you add parameters to a data item, the parameter looks for additional information before opening a screen. For example, you could create a data item that allowed users to filter incidents by priority. The data item parameter would hold a place in the Priority field, so when the user opened the screen they would have the option to select the priority. For more information on configuring a data item with parameters, see Configure a data item with parameters.

When you add a parameters to an action function, that parameter looks for information from the user or the database before updating a record. For example, you could create an action function that allowed a user to update the assignee field from a swipe action. The action function parameter would hold the space of the assigned to field. When a user uses the swipe action, they are prompted to select an assignee. For more information on creating an action function with parameters, see Create an action function with parameters.

Use the following tutorials to create action and data items with parameters and associate them with their respective functions.
  • Tutorial: Create an applet with a parameterized data item
  • Tutorial: Create a navigation function with a parameterized data item
  • Tutorial: Configure an action function with a parameterized action item