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Agent mobile app

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Agent mobile app

Use the ServiceNow Agent mobile app to update records, coordinate with coworkers, track your location, and work without an internet connection — all from your mobile device. Download ServiceNow Agent for Apple iOS or Google Android from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.

Getting started with ServiceNow Agent

Watch this 20-minute podcast to learn how the mobile platform interacts with Studio and Virtual Agent. Podcast discussion mobile capabilities, Mobile Studio, and Virtual Agent

Watch this 3-minute video to get an overview of the ServiceNow Agent mobile app.

ServiceNow Agent Components

Table 1.
Generic Application Launcher
Applet Launcher

When you log in to your instance, you see an applet launcher screen. On this screen, you can access any one of the applets that are configured to display on that launcher. Your administrator can control which applet launchers you can see, based on the roles that are available to you.


Select an applet from your launcher screen to open it. Each applet contains one or more screens that are used to display or modify records that correspond to the applet function. The Open Incidents applet, for example, displays a list of all active incident records.

Applets are designed to interact with data on your instance. For example, when you select a record from a list applet or map applet, you are directed to a form applet where you can view the details for a record. By selecting the back button, you can display the list or map again.

Map applet
Swipe function from the list view with options to Resolve or Reassign an incident

With a function, you can navigate from one applet to another, update a record, and interact with other apps on your phone, such as making a phone call or displaying a web page. You can access functions by tapping a button, selecting an item from a menu, or swiping a record on a list.

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Depending on your device, go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play store and search for ServiceNow to download the native mobile app.