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Migrate from classic mobile to ServiceNow mobile

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Migrate from classic mobile to ServiceNow mobile

Migrate from ServiceNow Classic to ServiceNow® mobile to take advantage of features such as rapid development, offline capability, and integration with native mobile device features.

Understand the benefits of migration to ServiceNow® mobile

ServiceNow® mobile is a native, mobile-first design that introduces new capabilities that were not available in ServiceNow Classic:
  • Rapid, low code application development using Studio.
  • Base system applications for Approval Management, ITSM, and Field Service Management.
  • Integration with native mobile device features, such as camera, phone, SMS, and map apps.
  • Offline capabilities, including offline read and write.
  • Enhanced security features including data loss prevention.
For more detail on ServiceNow® mobile, see Mobile navigation and configuration.

Evaluate your organization's current mobile use

Start off with a list of business goals and determine which features your users need most. Consider which screens, fields, and actions your users use frequently, as well as what functionality your users do not use.

There is no direct method of transferring ServiceNow Classic components into the ServiceNow® mobile product. You can create the same functionality available to your users with base system applications and manually building mobile applications in the ServiceNow® mobile framework.

Use base system applications when possible

ServiceNow provides several base system applications to get you started quickly with commonly used functionality. Base system applications are tested by ServiceNow, and receive updates automatically as you upgrade your instance. The New York release includes applications for:

  • Approval Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Field Service Management
  • Incident Management
  • Information Technology Operations Management
  • ITSM Software Asset Management
  • ITSM
  • Security Operations
  • Risk
  • HR
  • Finance

Use these applications right away, or customize them to suit your business needs using Studio.

Mobile experience for Approvals
Approve catalog requests, requested items, or change requests from anywhere using the ServiceNow Agent application. For more detail, see Mobile experience for Approvals
Mobile experience for Customer Service Management
Manage customer service cases from a mobile device with the Customer Service Management mobile application. Stay connected and access information in real time to complete tasks quickly. For more detail, see Mobile experience for Customer Service Management
Mobile experience for Field Service Management
Manage your field service tasks anywhere using the Field Service mobile application. With this application, you stay connected with your mobile device, can access important information, and complete your tasks quickly. For more detail, see Mobile experience for Field Service Management
Mobile experience for Incident Management
Manage incident tasks anywhere using the Incidents mobile application, which enables you to stay connected and access important information to complete tasks quickly. For more detail, see Mobile experience for Incident Management

Create your own applications

Use Studio to make new applications, and allow your users to work in areas not covered by the current base system applications. For details on the components of ServiceNow® mobile and examples of application creation, see ServiceNow mobile app configuration.

Understand the current limitations for ServiceNow® mobile

  • Client scripts are not supported
  • Theme/Branding of app is not supported
  • Geolocation and Offline mode is not supported in the Now Mobile app
  • Siri shortcuts are not available in the ServiceNow Agent app
Applet launcher
  • Landing page background image is not customizable
Global search
Global search only supports searching user [sys_user], catalog [sc_cat_item] , and knowledge [kb_knowledge] records
Related list
M2M or scripted relationships are not supported
Screen UI policies
  • Screen UI Policies can’t control whether field is read-only.
  • Screen UI Policy conditions cannot be scripted.
  • Reference & Date/Time fields cannot be used in screen UI Policy conditions.
Offline mode
  • Mobile apps doe not automatically go into offline mode when internet connection is lost.