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Fulfill asset requests

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Fulfill asset requests

After you order an asset, you can match your asset to the source of purchase. Open your purchase order and scan the purchase to mark the asset as received.

Before you begin

Role required: procurement_admin or procurement_user


  1. Navigate to Application > Procurement > POs Next 30 Days on the Agent Mobile app.
  2. Tap on the purchase order.
  3. Tap Related list.
  4. Tap the PO Line Items asset that you've ordered and swipe Receive to receive the asset.
    Swipe Receive on the Purchase Order Line Items page
  5. On the Receive form, receive the purchase by scanning the QR code for either the asset tag or serial number.
    Asset tag scanned on the Receive form
  6. Tap Submit.


The purchase order is marked as received and your records are updated.
Purchase order successfully received