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Enable Agent Chat in the Now Mobile app

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Enable Agent Chat in the Now Mobile app

Activate the Chat quick action to allow your users to ask for help from a virtual or live agent from the Now Mobile home page.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

Ensure that the Agent Chat plugin is active. For more information, see Agent Chat.

About this task

Chat is enabled from the Requests and Knowledge Articles pages by default.

Note: Connect Chat and pre-chat conversation routing is not supported in the Now Mobile app.


  1. Navigate to Now Mobile App > Applet Launchers.
  2. In the Applet Launchers [sys_sg_applet_launcher] table, open the Homepage record and select the Body tab.
  3. Under the Quick Actions Menu Maps related list, open the Chat record.
  4. Select Active to activate the record.
  5. Click Update.


Users can select Chat in the Homepage quick actions menu to ask for help from a live or virtual agent.