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Administer the Now Mobile app

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Administer the Now Mobile app

Configure options for the Now Mobile app. For example, you can link the app with a service catalog and knowledge base, personalize the greeting for the home page, and specify which records appear under My Requests.

Watch this six minute video to learn how to configure requests, service catalogs, and knowledge bases in the Now Mobile app.

Note: Offline mode is not supported in the Now Mobile app.


The home page includes these configuration options:

Configure the greeting that your users see when they log in to the Now Mobile app. For example, you can add a hello message that includes the user's first and last name.
My Tasks

Users can view items that are assigned to them and complete their tasks. By default, My Tasks show the user things that they need to approve from the Requests [sc_request] and Requested Items [sc_req_item] tables. Other applications, for example HR Service Delivery, might include other types of tasks. For more information about HR Service Delivery, see Now Mobile for HR Service Delivery.

Configure a personalized welcome greeting.

My Requests

Specify which records that you want your users to see under My Requests so that they can track their work assignments. For example, you can add a filter to display records that are opened by the user from the Problem table. By default, the app displays records that are opened by the user from the Incident and Requested Item tables.

Set the base table and filter from the request_filter table.


Search includes these configuration options:

People search

Configure whether users can search for other users in the system. By default, people search is enabled. For people search to display results, your users have read-only access to the User [sys_user] table. You can test people search by logging in as a user without any roles and searching for another user. If search results do not include meaningful data, for example, location and phone number, update the control lists (ACLs) on the User table to allow read access. For more information, see Access control list rules.

Analytics and suggestions

The Now Mobile app collects search data and analytics that generate search suggestions. If you are upgrading from a previous release, the search analytics do not contain any data yet. To immediately provide suggestions to your users, you can populate the search suggestions using knowledge, catalog, and user search records from the Text Searches [text_search] table.

Search analytics and suggestions is a Now Platform feature. For more information, see Search analytics and suggestions.

Items and services

Service Catalog items and services include these configuration options.


Enable your users to view and request their associated items in the Now Mobile app. If no catalogs are selected, users can view and request items from all catalogs in the system. By default, the app uses Service Catalog.

For more information, see Now Mobile for Service Catalog.

Quick actions

Select catalog items to display as additional user menu actions. For example, add the Report an Incident catalog item to enable users to quickly navigate to the form. Users can only see items if they have the required user criteria permissions.

Service catalog associated with the app.


Enable users to view the knowledge articles from the mobile app. If no knowledge bases are selected, users can view articles from all knowledge bases in the system. By default, the app uses the IT knowledge base.

For more information, see Now Mobile for Knowledge Management.

Knowledge bases associated with the application.

Siri shortcuts

In the base system, iOS users can use Siri shortcuts to open these pages in the app:

  • Open a chat window.
  • Browse items and services.
  • Open my tasks.
  • Open my requests.