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Agent Workspace for ITSM

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Agent Workspace for ITSM

Agent Workspace for ITSM enables agents to get their work done faster and improve the fulfiller experience.

Agent Workspace for ITSM integrates the platform functionality specific to ITSM tier 1 agents and puts these features into an easy-to-navigate interface. Agent Workspace for ITSM agents handle assigning incidents, resolving incidents, or proposing an incident be escalated. Agents also handle creating problems or change requests from incidents.

Agent Workspace for ITSM includes a multi-tab interface for agents to efficiently manage multiple incidents, problems, and change requests.
  • The multi-tab interface improves agent productivity by enabling agents to easily navigate between records.
  • An intuitive form layout minimizes scrolling by displaying incident, problem, or change request details side by side with the activity stream.
  • Agent Assist enables agents to quickly search for information across multiple sources, such as knowledge bases and the service catalog.


Activate the Agent Workspace for ITSM plugin (com.snc.agent_workspace.itsm) to get the functionality of Agent Workspace for ITSM.


The Workspace agent role (workspace_agent) is added to the ITIL role. The role is required to access the Agent Workspace for ITSM.

Form views

All the workspace-specific forms are configured in the Workspace view. The view itself is in the Global scope, but the respective Workspace form layouts are shipped in the ITSM Workspace scope.

Browser support for workspaces

Do not use Internet Explorer 11 to access any workspaces. If you are on the New York release and you are using Internet Explorer 11 with any workspace, such as Service Owner Workspace, Vendor Manager Workspace, or any other type workspace, you must migrate to a modern browser before you upgrade to future releases. Internet Explorer 11 will not be supported for workspaces after the New York release. See KB0683275 for more information on Internet Explorer 11, and see Generally supported browsers for more information about browsers and what you can use across the platform.