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ITSM Performance Analytics Solutions

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ITSM Performance Analytics Solutions

Out-of-the-box solutions contain pre-configured dashboards that track and analyze key processes and metrics.

Out-of-the-box ITSM Performance Analytics Solutions

Performance Analytics Solutions contain preconfigured dashboards. These dashboards contain actionable data visualizations that help you improve your business processes and practices.

Performance Analytics Solutions

Use the Performance Analytics widgets on the dashboard to visualize data over time, analyze your business processes, and identify areas of improvement. With solutions, you can get value from Performance Analytics for your application with minimal setup.
  • Solutions include some dashboards that are inactive by default. You can activate these dashboards to make them visible to end users according to your business needs.
  • Out-of-the-box solutions and in-form analytics provide all the configuration records required to analyze default applications. Customize these records for use in your production environment.

To enable the solution plugin for ITSM dashboards, an admin can navigate to System Definitions > Plugins and activate the Performance Analytics - Content Pack - ITSM Dashboards plugin.

Define fixed costs for IT Manager dashboard

Define generic industry-based fixed costs to analyze impact by channel using the IT Manager dashboard in ITSM Performance Analytics Solutions.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Use the fixed cost model to analyze the cost for incidents and requests across channels (email, phone, self-service, walk-up, virtual agent) for cost management. For example, view current costs per channel and verify whether costs are reduced over time after implementing a solution.

Cost definitions are stored in the Fixed Cost Definitions [fixed_cost_definitions] table.
Table 1. Incident and request KPIs
Area KPI

Total number of incidents

Total number of requests


Number of incidents resolved on first assignment

Number of requests resolved on first assignment


Average time to resolve an incident

Average time to resolve a request


% of incidents that breached SLAs

% of requests that breached SLAs


Average customer satisfaction score


Average cost to resolve an incident

Average cost to resolve a service request

  • Assignment group
  • Agent
  • Skill


Navigate to Fixed Costs > Define Fixed Cost (see table for field descriptions).
Table 2. Fixed Cost Definitions form
Field Description
Short Description Description of the cost.
Table Table that contains the field for the fixed cost condition.
Filter Condition for the fixed cost definition, if applicable.
Cost Value Currency type and fixed cost value.
Category Category of the fixed cost.
  • Total Fully Loaded Cost
  • Per Hour Cost
Source of the Cost Source of the fixed cost.
  • HDI
  • ServiceNow
  • Manual
Active Check box to activate the fixed cost definition. Clear the check box to disable.

Example: Cost per Network Incident

Table 3. Fixed Cost Definitions form
Field Value
Short Description Incident in Network Category
Table Incident [incident]
Filter Category is Network
Cost Value $15.56
Category Total Fully Loaded Cost
Source of the Cost HDI
Active Selected