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Major Incident workbench — Summary tab

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Major Incident workbench — Summary tab

The Summary tab provides a unified view of information in the form of a card layout. The information on impacted services, affected CIs, active outages, locations that are impacted, and child incidents helps to keep you informed about related records associated with an incident.

Figure 1. View of the summary tab
Summary tab

You can add, create, or edit each of the components. You can also view, post, or filter the latest activity on the major incident.

The section also provides a quantitative summary of the active and completed tasks, as well as users or groups who are involved in resolving the major incident. The communication tasks are sorted in ascending order based on the order value.

The Time remaining column provides information regarding the time when the communication task is due.
  • If you do not perform the communication task within the set time, the value changes to Overdue.
  • If you activate the On-call Scheduling plugin (com.snc.on_call_rotation), the user, who is on-call for the respective group, as well as the group name, appear in the summary.
Activate the Event Management plugin (com.glideapp.itom.snac) to add an Alert card under the Summary tab that keeps you up-to-date on the number of alerts for each incident. The count is the total of all primary and secondary alerts for the incident.