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Assess a trainee

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Assess a trainee

Use a coaching assessment to review the work of a trainee and to provide training and feedback.

Before you begin

Role required:

About this task

A trainee can view any field on the coaching assessment form, but has access only to the Work notes field to add comments. Once the coaching assessment is resolved, a trainee can also submit feedback to the coach using a survey.

When an assessment is generated, all users in the Coach group receive a notification. Assessments can be generated automatically (as the result of a coaching opportunity), or can be created manually.

You can create a coaching assessment from incidents, problems, change requests, or any other table that extends the task table. Enable the display of the Create Coaching Assessment button and create your assessments using that button.

To enable display of the button:
  • Configure the UI actions on the record.
  • In the sn_coaching.CoachingExtensionPoint extension point, make sure the getCreateAssessmentUITables method is implemented to return the name of the tables.


  1. Navigate to Coaching > Coaching Assessment and select a coaching assessment in the Open state.
  2. Fill in the fields on the Coaching Assessment form.
    1. Verify the Coach group, which is obtained from the coaching opportunity, is accurate.
    2. Set the coaching assessment Coach field to a coach.
    3. Set the Due date, after which time the coaching assessment is set to Closed Incomplete state.
      You can disable automatic closure behavior by deactivating the Close assessments after expiration scheduled job.
  3. Fill in the fields in the Notes tab.
    1. Add a Description to the coaching assessment.
    2. Add Work notes to facilitate a dialog with the trainee.
  4. Review the Snapshot content in the Information for Review tab and add your feedback in the Notes field.
  5. Fill in the fields in the Feedback Rating tab.
    1. Set the Performance rating based on the coaching experience.
    2. Set the Follow up action as part of coaching.
  6. Review the skills applicable to the trainee in the Trainee Skills related list.
    See Skills Management for more information.
  7. Add recommended learning content in the Recommended Learnings related list.
  8. Review survey feedback for the trainee in the Survey Results related list.
  9. When coaching is finished:
    1. Add a Summary of the coaching experience as an overview of your assessment.
    2. Set the coaching assessment to Resolved.
    3. To fill out a survey on the trainee, click Submit feedback.
    4. Click Complete Assessment to close.

Example: Coach assesses trainee

Table 1. Coaching Assessment form
Field Value
Number CAS0001004
Trainee Trainee User 2
Record Incident: INC0000055
Opportunity COP0000109
State Work in Progress
Coach group Coach Group
Coach Coach User 1
Due date 2018-10-25 05:18:59
Table 2. Coaching Assessment tabs
Field Value
Information for Review
  • Configuration item:

    SAP Human Resources

  • Additional comments:

    2018-06-23 21:45:04 - ITIL User (Additional comments)

    The SAP Human Resources application is not accessible.

  • Work notes:

    2018-06-23 21:45:04 - ITIL User (Work notes)

    I cannot access this application so we may have an outage.

Feedback Rating
Performance rating Excellent
Follow up Recognize
Summary Trainee showed great interest in learning the recommendations and finished them ahead of due date.