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Configure contact preference

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Configure contact preference

Use the My Preferences module to create and manage your contact preferences for on-call escalations. Create your availability and add one or more devices for individual contact attempts.

Before you begin

Role required: itil, admin

About this task

On-call notifications of type Email, SMS, and Voice are available only if Notify is installed.


  1. Navigate to On-Call Scheduling > My Preferences
  2. In Contact Attempts, click the + icon to add your availability.
  3. In the Availability form that opens, fill in the following information:
    Table 1. Availability Fields
    Name A display label for the availability record.
    User The user for whom you are creating the availability.
    Active Enables this availability record.
    Schedule Type Select an existing availability schedule or create a custom schedule.
    Use these fields to create a custom availability schedule
    Start Time If this shift is not an all-day shift, then specify the start time of your availability.
    End Time Specify the end time of your availability in this field.
    Repeat on Specify your repeat availability. For example, if you select weekly repetitions, specify the days of the week when you are available.
    Time Zone The time-zone of your availability.
    Note: The time-zone is not editable and is pulled-in from the user's profile.
  4. Click Submit.
    Note: You can only view the contact overrides of your group in the Contact Overrides tab.