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Submit and track a request

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Submit and track a request

Submit a request for an item or service and track the progress of your request.

  1. Tap Services in the navigation bar.
  2. Browse items and services, or search for an item.
  3. Tap the item or service you would like to request.
    Note: If configured by your administrator, the related items and articles area provides alternatives and additional information.
  4. Select ORDER NOW.
  5. Complete the order confirmation.
    Field Description
    Request for Change this field if ordering the item for someone else.
    Delivery Information Confirm the shipping address for the item.
    Special instructions (Optional) Add any special instructions for the item.
  6. Tap CHECKOUT.
    The app displays a confirmation that your request is submitted.
  7. Tap Close to return to the list of items.
  8. Tap Services in the navigation bar.
  9. Tap My Requests to view all your requests.
  10. Tap the item you ordered to view the status of your request.
    • Use the Details tab to view information about the request.
    • Use the Updates tab to view field changes and comments about your request. Tap Plus icon to add comments and work notes, or to attach a file.

    More options menu item