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Subscriptions for IT Operations Management

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Subscriptions for IT Operations Management

The ServiceNow platform uses a new licensing method where your organization is charged for using the following IT Operations Management products: ServiceNow® ITOM Visibility product, ServiceNow® ITOM Health product, and ServiceNow® ITOM Optimization product.

For licensing purposes, CI types are assigned to CI categories. The customer contract for your organization determines the ratios of CI allocation for each CI category. Information from the customer contract is synchronized with the ServiceNow platform. There are the following CI categories:
  • Containers
  • PaaS
  • Servers
  • Unresolved monitored objects
Note: CI types are the same as CI classes.
ServiceNow charges for the following IT Operations Management applications:
ITOM Visibility
ServiceNow® ITOM Visibility product consists of the ServiceNow® Discovery feature and the ServiceNow® Service Mapping feature, which together give you a unified, connected view of your entire IT network and the services it supports. For licensing purposes, ITOM Visibility provides the count of CIs that it discovers, both during horizontal and top-down discovery. ITOM Visibility reports the count for CIs of the following CI categories: Servers, PaaS, and Containers.
ITOM Health
ServiceNow® ITOM Health product includes the ServiceNow® Event Management feature and the ServiceNow® Operational Intelligence feature, which together help you to track and maintain the health of services. ITOM Health reports the number of CIs, for which it captures alerts, events, and metric data. ITOM Health reports the CI count for all CI categories.
ITOM Optimization
ServiceNow® ITOM Optimization product contains the ServiceNow® Cloud Management feature that gives you tools to provision private and public cloud infrastructure, and services and achieve consistent management and cost visibility. For licensing purposes, ITOM Optimization provides the count of CIs of the following categories: Servers, Containers, and PaaS.

Depending on the needs of your organization, you can purchase subscriptions for each IT Operations Management product separately (a la carte) or together (in bundles). When you purchase subscriptions in bundles, you get the same number of subscriptions for all IT Operations Management applications covered by the bundle. For example, for a bundle of 500 that covers ITOM Visibility and ITOM Health, your organization receives 500 subscriptions for ITOM Visibility and 500 subscriptions for ITOM Health.

Bundle subscriptions cover specific applications. You cannot use bundle subscriptions for other applications, even if these other applications are part of the same bundle. For example, you purchased a bundle of 500 covering ITOM Visibility and ITOM Health, and you used up all 500 ITOM Visibility subscriptions. You cannot use the spare ITOM Health subscriptions for ITOM Visibility.

If your organization consumes more subscriptions than you initially estimated, you can purchase a larger bundle that better suits the needs of your organization. Your organization may consume subscriptions of IT Operations Management applications at different levels. If so, you can purchase a bundle that sufficiently covers most of the required applications and also purchase a la carte subscriptions for the application that consumes more subscriptions.
Note: IT Operations Management bundles also provide entitlement to IntegrationHub for the functionality related to IT Operations Management applications.