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Configure push operation event collection

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Configure push operation event collection

You can configure listeners to push event information to the instance or MID Server.

Event Management receives external events through an event collector or script. If you are using a script to collect events, no configuration is required. All other methods of collecting events require configuration. For more information, see Event collection using script.

After event collection configuration, Event Management can collect events that are sent directly to the instance, or via the MID Server, SNMP trap, or email.

Standard event form

All events must use a standard event form, regardless of how they arrive at the instance. For more information, see Event field format for event collection.

Event collection via MID Server

The MID Server facilitates communication and movement of data between external applications, data sources, services, and the ServiceNow instance.
Event collection modes Description
Provided by the base system Listeners provided with the Event Management application:Where event messages are received in XML, you can base your script on the example xml transform script provided with the base system.
Via MID WebService You can configure the MID WebService Event Collector to push event messages to the MID Server. For more information, see Event collection to MID Server using web service API.
Create your own content You can configure your own listener:
Via SNMP SNMP listeners provided with the Event Management application:In addition, you can create your own custom listener. See Configure listener transform scripts.
Via Email Email listener. See Configure event collection from email.