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Complete a resource plan

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Complete a resource plan

After all associated tasks and projects are complete or canceled, a resource manager can move the resource plan to the Complete state, which closes it.

Before you begin

The resource plan to be completed must be in the Allocated state.

Role required: resource_manager

About this task

Project and demand managers can complete resource plans from a project, project task, planning console, or demand.
Note: You can also complete and close a resource plan from the Allocation Workbench.


  1. Navigate to Resource > Resource Plans > Allocated.
  2. Open the resource plan that you want to complete.
  3. Verify all the information on the form.
    Note: The Actual Hours and Actual Cost fields show the time spent on plan tasks and the resource costs. These fields are derived from time card information and cannot be edited on the resource plan.
  4. (Optional) Add notes.
  5. Click Complete.
  6. In the Confirm dialog box, select the completion date of the resource plan and click Yes.

    By default, the system date or resource plan end date, whichever is earlier, is populated in Completion Date.

    Note: The Completion Date cannot be earlier than the resource plan start date.


  • The resource plan moves to the Completed state.
  • If the completion date is earlier than the resource plan end date, the end date of the resource plan is updated with the completion date. If the completion date was entered later than the resource plan end date, the resource plan end date is retained.
  • All the requested and resource allocations for the resource plan post the completion date are deleted. If there are any actual hours logged against an allocation, that allocation record is not deleted. But the allocated hours become zero and the actual hours are retained. The available and allocated hours for the resources are also updated in the aggregate tables.


Example 1: A resource plan of Allocation type Monthly from 1 November to 31 January is completed on 15 December. On completion,
  • the resource allocation entry for January is deleted in [Resource_Allocation] table.
  • the resource allocation end date for December is updated to the completion date of the resource plan.
  • the entries in [Resource_Allocation_Daily] table for December post the completion date are deleted.

Example 2: If the same resource plan has Allocation type as Planned Duration, no allocations are deleted, and the end date of the allocation is updated to the completion date.