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Recalculate costs of a resource plan of a project or demand

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Recalculate costs of a resource plan of a project or demand

Recalculate the resource costs of an individual resource plan of a project or demand whenever the hourly rates change in the associated rate model so that the costs are up to date.

Before you begin

Ensure the following setup:
  • The project has a rate model assigned.
  • The resource plan is in the Planned, Requested, Confirmed, or Allocated state.
Role required: resource_manager

About this task

To update costs of all the resource plans of a project or demand in one go, you can use the Recalculate Resource Costs option from the project form or demand form.


  1. To open a resource plan of a project or demand, perform one of the following actions.
    • Navigate to Project > Projects > All, and open a project.
    • Navigate to Demand > Demands > All, and open a demand.
  2. From the Resource Plans related list, open a resource plan for which you want to recalculate the costs.
  3. On the Resource Plan form, click the Recalculate Resource Cost related link.
  4. In the Recalculate Resource Costs dialog box, specify the recalculation period in the Start date and End date fields.
    By default, the Start date field has the current date and the End date field has the end date of the resource plan.
  5. To also recalculate the planned cost, select the Include planned costs option.
    The Include planned costs option is available for a resource plan in the Confirmed or Allocated state. The option is not selected by default.
  6. Click OK.


  • Recalculates the selected resource costs based on the latest hourly rates derived from the rate model associated with the project or demand.
  • Updates the recalculated resource costs on the respective cost fields on the resource plan form and the Resource Plans related list of the associated project or demand.
  • Reflects the revised values on the respective cost fields of associated project or demand.