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Investment Portal

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Investment Portal

Completing projects and demands on time within budget is a challenge. Investment Portal gives you a comprehensive view of project and demand financials, deadlines, and other important metrics in an intuitive user interface that makes project and demand management more efficient.

Tracking and managing your investments (both projects and demands) and then creating investment reports and sharing them through email is time consuming and inefficient. To generate a report you must obtain the status of projects and demands from project and demand managers, produce the report, and then email it.

With Investment Portal you can create an investment board through filter definition, and share it with other stakeholders. You can save time on new investments by creating, cloning, or modifying boards as needed. Filtering makes it easy to surface information on the fly and for reporting.

Here are a few examples showing how Investment Portal can make managing and reporting more efficient:
  • If you are launching an application store, you can monitor overall program progress and surface projects that are creating bottlenecks.
  • For a new business application you can review and edit the investment roadmap for the next few weeks, months, or years.
  • For a key strategic initiative, you can review what was accomplished in the previous year and plan for the next eighteen months.

Investment Portal is divided into the following sections:

Banner icons
You can edit, copy, delete, bookmark, and share your investment board with other members and groups using the banner icons on the header of Investment Portal. See Track your key investments for more information.banner icons
Investment widgets
You can view important metrics like total cost, actual cost, and budget with investment widgets that can be configured.

Screen capture of investment widgets

Key tabs
You can track important aspects of your projects and demands in one location using the following tabs.
  • Overview: A high-level summary of your projects and demands. The information in the grid is based on the project and demand form fields.
  • Timeline: Key milestones in a Gantt view. Gantt view provides an overview of projects using graphical elements such as lines and bars to show dependencies and lengths of tasks.

    The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in the tab displays only key milestones.

  • Financials: A detailed breakdown of project and demand costs in yearly, monthly, and quarterly formats, and based on cost plans associated to your projects and demands.

    The tab is displayed only to the user who has the it_project_manager role.