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Demand workbench list view

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Demand workbench list view

The lower pane of the demand workbench displays a list of the demands shown in the bubble chart.

The bubble chart list view displays up to 20 demands at a time. Page forward and back through the list to display additional demands.

The Demand column displays the demand number which provides a link to the Demand form. The Stage column displays the status or progress of the demand. For more information, see Stage Fields.

The interactive bubble chart is updated whenever you change a demand in the list view. If you create a new demand from the demand workbench, it is created in a qualified state and appears on the bubble chart. When a demand is promoted to a project, enhancement, change request, or defect, it is removed from the bubble chart.

Performing the following tasks in the list view affects the demands displayed in the bubble chart:
  • Searching or filtering the records in the list view displays the bubbles for those demands that meet the search or filter criteria.
  • Adding or deleting records in the list view adds or deletes the corresponding bubbles.
  • Paginating the list view by clicking any of the page arrow icons displays the bubbles for the demands that appear on the current page.