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Configure main report settings

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Configure main report settings

Configure settings for your main financial report, including which cost models and fiscal periods are represented.

Before you begin

Role required: cost_transparency_admin or cost_transparency_analyst

About this task

The main financial report provides the basis for the Financial report on the CIO Dashboard and on other report overviews. The main setting you can configure for the main report is which cost model that the application uses to generate reports for each fiscal period. If you have the financial admin or analyst role, you can select the cost model in the report parameters of the default reports. If you have the financial user role, the cost model is determined by these settings.


  1. On the workbench, click the Configuration tab.
  2. Select a cost model from the Main Cost Model choice list. The main financial report includes this cost model when new fiscal periods are added.
  3. Click Update configurations.
  4. On the Cost Model Selection window, select the cost model for each fiscal period. The report uses this cost model to calculate and display the data that you see on the main financial report.
  5. Click Save.