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Activate Financial Management (Modeling)

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Activate Financial Management (Modeling)

Use Financial Modeling application to use its default cost models with its prescribed metrics and related entities such as rollups, overrides, buckets, and allocations that enable you to evaluate the cost and track your business expenses.

Before you begin

You can use Financial Modeling application if you are a licensed ITSM professional user or a licensed Application Portfolio Management user.

Role required: admin

About this task

The following Financial Management plugins are no longer visible or available to be activated directly:

  • Default Financial Management Cost Model (com.snc.financial_management_model)
  • Financial Charging (com.snc.service_charging)
  • Financial Management Core (com.snc.financial_management)
  • Financial Management Core – ATF Tests (com.snc.financial_management.atf)
  • Financial Management For APM (com.snc.financial_management_for_apm)
  • Financial Management For CSM (com.snc.financial_management_for_csm)
  • Financial Management For FSM (com.snc.financial_management_for_fsm)
  • Performance Analytics – Content Pack – Financial Management (
  • Performance Analytics – Content Pack – Financial Management for Customer Service (
  • Performance Analytics – Content Pack – Financial Management for Field Service Management (
  • Performance Analytics – Content Pack – Financial Management for Application Portfolio Management (

If you wish to activate the Financial Modeling application, you can do so in New York by requesting Financial Management for SPM plugin (for licensed ITSM Professional users) or Financial Management for APM plugin (for licensed APM users). Some of the Financial Management features are limited if you are activating it through these plugins.

If you are a new customer in New York, Financial Management is available as an add-on plugin to Application Portfolio Management (APM) and Service Portfolio Management (SPM). The plugin is available on zBoot when you subscribe APM or SPM.

Financial Management For APM (com.snc.financial_management_for_apm)

Enables integration of Financial Management with Application Portfolio Management providing preconfigured Business Application Costing cost model.

Financial Management For SPM (com.snc.financial_management_for_spm)

Enables integration of Financial Management with Service Portfolio Management providing preconfigured Service Offering Costing cost model. This plugin requires Financial Management Core and Service Owner Workspace plugins.

Performance Analytics — Content Pack — Financial Management for Application Portfolio Management ( plugin
Enables Performance Analytics dashboards for Financial Management associated with Application Portfolio Management.

To purchase a subscription, contact your ServiceNow account manager. After purchasing the subscription, activate the plugin within the production instance.

You can evaluate the feature on a sub-production instance without charge by requesting it from the HI Customer Service System.

The Financial Management plugin is the basic plugin for the application. Budget plan data and forecast data are both included in demo data.


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins.

    A banner notifies you that you are in the All Applications page, which contains plugins and ServiceNow Store applications.

    To redirect to the legacy list view for plugins, click the link.
    Legacy list banner
  2. Find the plugin using the filter criteria and search bar.

    You can search for the plugin by its name or ID. If you cannot find a plugin, you may have to request it from ServiceNow personnel. To request a plugin, follow the steps in Request a plugin.

  3. Activate the plugin.

    You can activate the plugin directly from the All Applications page or you can view more details about the plugin before you activate it.

    • If you are certain that you have the correct plugin, click Install, and when you see the dialog box, click Activate.
      Plugin dialog box
    • To view plugin details before activation:
      1. Click the plugin name.
      2. On the form, click the Activate/Update related link.
      3. In the dialog box, review the dependent plugins.

        If your plugin requires dependent plugins, they are activated automatically when you activate your plugin if they are not active already.

      4. If demo data is available and you want to install it, click Load demo data.

        Some plugins include demo data, which are sample records that describe plugin features for common use cases. Load demo data when you first activate the plugin on a development or test instance. You can always load demo data later by clicking Load demo data only on the plugin form.

      5. Click Activate.

What to do next

Install financial modeling application and set up your data tables and define permissions for your users to perform the tasks.