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Create groomed lines for cost models with no data source

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Create groomed lines for cost models with no data source

If there is no data source for the cost model that you have selected in the Data definition stage of the Financial Management workbench, there is no cleansing process either.

Before you begin

Role required: cost_transparency_admin or cost_transparency_analyst

About this task

In the bucketing stage, there is no left pane with accounts. In such cases, you can create or edit the groomed lines in the Bucket Amount Line form by clicking the edit icon in the sub-buckets.
Note: If you are an Application Portfolio Management or Service Portfolio Management user, then Business Application Costing Model cost model and Service Offering Costing cost model do not have data source.


  1. Navigate to Financial Modeling > Workbench.
  2. In the Bucketing stage, click the edit icon (The edit icon) of a sub-bucket that you want to add the groomed lines to.
  3. On the form, fill in the form fields.
    Table 1. Groomed lines form
    Field Description
    Amount Amount of the sub-bucket.
    Currency Currency for the amount.
    Description Description for the bucket amount.

    For a preconfigured Customer Service Management (CSM) cost model, the Account number, Cost center, Department, Account name, Location, and Vendor fields are not applicable.

    If more than one groomed lines exist for a given sub-bucket, a list of groomed lines is displayed.

  4. Click Submit.