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Track utilization of your funds

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Track utilization of your funds

Track the flow of your funds from your investment to other investments to make an informed decision when you allocate or request funds.

Before you begin

Role required: investment_user

About this task

Review fund allocations and actual spends of your investments to track the fund utilization.

When an investment has not used funds or when the organization or you revise the priorities of your business goals, you can pull the funds back from one investment and allocate it to any other investments.

Note: The actual amount in your investment is the sum of the direct spends you entered and the total from all investments to which you had allocated funds. The correct actual amount is reflected only if the owners of those investment have entered the actual spends in their investments.


  1. Navigate to Investment Funding > My Investments.
  2. On the Investments owned by me tab, open an investment to review fund allocations.
  3. On the Allocate Funds tab, click the tree view icon (Tree view icon).
    Your investment and the investments that you funded directly display as cards in a hierarchical view.
  4. Click on an investment to view its fund allocation to other investments.