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Allocate funds to an investment

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Allocate funds to an investment

Allocate funds to investments based on the business goals and available funds.

Before you begin

Role required: investment_user

About this task

You can allocate funds only in the funding frequency configured in the Investment Funding Preferences.

If you have allocated funds to an investment earlier, you can increase or decrease the funded amount by entering an amount greater or less than the existing amount. Entering a lesser value unfunds the investment by the difference amount.


  1. Navigate to Investment Funding > My Investments.
  2. In the Investments owned by me tab, open an investment having sufficient funds to allocate to another investment.
  3. Click the Allocate Funds tab.
  4. Select a working period and click Apply.
    If you have allocated funds earlier, those investments are listed in the Allocate Funds list.
  5. To add more investments to the Allocate Funds list for allocating funds, add either a new investment or existing investments, or pull a fund request.
    • To add a new investment, click the Create new link, fill in the fields, and then click the submit icon (Submit icon).
    • To add existing investments, click the Add existing link, select one or more investments from the list, and then click Add Selected.
      Note: To include all the listed investments, click Add All.
    • To add an incoming fund request you want to fund, click the show notifications icon (Show notifications icon) and click Add next to a request in the list.
  6. In the Allocate Funds list, enter the amount under the Funded CapEx and Funded OpEx columns for all investments to which you want to allocate funds.
    The state of all updated investments changes to Planning, which is indicated by highlighted cells.
  7. Click Fund.
  8. In the Confirm funding dialog box, verify your allocations and click Fund.


  • Funds are allocated to selected investments for the specified period.
  • The state of funded investments changes to Funded.