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Investment Funding

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Investment Funding

Investment Funding enables you to plan and manage investments by allocating funds to funding entities such as Business Units, Products, Teams, and the like. Prioritize your investments based on business needs and strategic objectives of your organization.

You can use the Investment Funding features to do the following functions:

  • Create investments for funding entities.
  • Allocate funds to an investment to meet a business requirement or strategic objective.
  • Request funds from one or more funding sources to achieve business goals.

Funding entities and investments

A funding entity is one of the transaction tables in the ServiceNow platform that is enabled for funding. For example, you can create funding entities such as projects, teams, business units, epics, and portfolios.

An investment contains information about the funds, costs, business case, and goals. An investment is associated to a funding entity. You can also create a generic investment that doesn't need to be associated to a funding entity. Use investments to allocate or request funds to meet defined business goals.

Keeping the investment and funding entity separate provides the following advantages:
  • Your work activities are separate from the funding.
  • You can fund the same entity for different periods until the goals are met.

The following illustration shows an investment, its attributes, and its relationship with a funding entity.

Figure 1. Investment object properties
Properties of an Investment object.

Top-down and bottom-up funding

In top-down funding, you distribute funds to investments based on business goals or as part of a business strategy.

In bottom-up funding, you request funds for your investments from one or more funding sources.

Investment Funding enables you to manage funds for both funding approaches.

Domain separation in Investment Funding

Domain separation provides complete data isolation for domain-specific users. Investment Funding is compliant with domain separation at the Data only level.