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Innovation Management

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Innovation Management

The Ideasapplication enables you to gather and evaluate ideas efficiently, and to quickly identify and process the ideas with the greatest potential for implementation.

The Idea Portal accelerates and organizes idea gathering, evaluation, selection, and execution. The idea manager or demand manager evaluates submitted ideas and promotes accepted ideas to demands, epics, features, or stories.

Maintain separate data storage and control access

You can use the Idea module to do the following:
  • Store ideas and categories belonging to different departments, products, or business units separately.
  • Store and organize ideas, enable voting, and, if your organization is large, you can configure different portal pages with unique sets of categories, for example, for HR, IT, and Support.
  • Control access, allowing only the users of a specific business unit or department to submit and view ideas belonging to a specific category through the Idea Portal by creating access-control lists in the table that you want to use for categories. For example, if you do not want users outside the Payroll department to view the ideas associated with the category Salary, create ACLs with read access, at least, to the employees of Payroll department in the parent table that is used to derive the category Salary. The ACLs restrict the employees outside the Payroll department from viewing the ideas associated with the category Salary. For more information, see Create an Idea module.

Organize idea submissions by using categories

An idea category represents a theme for organizing idea submissions. All ideas submitted through the Idea Portal must be associated with at least one idea category. You can use values from an existing table or create new idea categories for organizing your idea. Users select one or more idea categories, configured by an admin, to associate with their idea when they submit it. For more information, see Create an Idea module, and Idea category configuration.

Submit, view, and subscribe to ideas

The Idea Portal is where you share your product, feature, change, or enhancement ideas. Submit your ideas, view and subscribe to the ideas of other users, and track the progress of a subscribed idea. For more information, see View, filter, and sort ideas and Collaborate on ideas.

Collaborate on ideas

Collaborate on an idea with other submitters and stakeholders. Add comments or reply to comments to request more information or answer questions. Vote for the ideas you would like to see developed. For more information see, Collaborate on ideas.

Manage and evaluate ideas

The idea or demand manager reviews submitted ideas and, if necessary, requests more information, and then chooses to accept or reject the idea. The number of votes on an idea helps in assessing the popularity of and demand for the idea. For more information, see Manage ideas.

Convert the accepted ideas to a demand, epic, story, or feature based on how you would like to execute your idea. Use relevant options such as Epic, SAFe epic, or Improvement initiative based on the plugins installed such as Agile Development 2.0and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). After creating a demand or a project, change the state of the idea to track its status during different stages of development. For more information, see Evaluate an idea.

Figure 1. Idea workflow
Idea workflow from submission to completion