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Business stakeholder role for APM

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Business stakeholder role for APM

For APM users, Business Stakeholder (com.snc.business_stakeholder) plugin contains the business stakeholder role for APM. Users with this role can approve, view or read records of tables that are used to retrieve data for reports and dashboards. Customers can assign this role to any user who is a business stakeholder to review and approve reports.

Upgrade information

Upgrade customer
If you are upgrading to New York, the business stakeholder role for APM is available only when you activate Read only roles for Application Portfolio Management (com.snc.apm_read_roles) plugin.
New customer
If new customer, the Read only roles for Application Portfolio Management (com.snc.apm_read_roles) plugin is activated on zBoot. However, the business stakeholder role for APM is available only when you install APM plugin.

Why business stakeholder read-only role?

Analyst (sn_apm.apm_analyst) role in Application Portfolio Management is a licensable role that requires subscription. Users with this role can access all APM PA dashboards, roadmaps, program workbench, and all the associated pages and tables. Moreover, this role contains IT program manager, IT portfolio manager, IT demand manager, and APM administrator roles who have different levels of access not only to read but to approve and update information data. Organizations procure this licensable role in limited numbers as it comes with a price. Business stakeholder role comes with a similar function but access is controlled at read-only level. Users with this role can access reports to review and approve only.

Share dashboards with business stakeholder read-only users

APM users with Business stakeholder role for APM (sn_apm.apm_read) role have read-only access to PA dashboards and reports and all the underlying tables of the dashboards.

The base system provides access to users with this role to view Application Landscape, Application 360, and Application Assessments PA dashboards. You can also access all the tables from where the data are retrieved for these dashboard reports.

However, you can also configure your custom-created dashboards and reports to provide users with business stakeholder role. To provide read-only access to a business stakeholder, follow the steps in Share a responsive dashboard

Share widgets in dashboards with business stakeholders

To share individual widgets in the dashboard with the user who has the business stakeholder read-only role,
  1. Navigate to Application Portfolio Management > Application Portfolio Analysis > Dashboard
  2. Click the add widgets icon (Add widget icon).
  3. Click the edit content icon (Edit content (pencil) icon) of the widget that you want to share.
  4. Click the sharing icon (Sharing icon).
  5. Click the Share option in the Sharing section.
  6. Search for business_stakeholder in the search field and click to add the role in the Sharing settings window.
  7. Click OK.

APM tables accessible to users with business stakeholders role

Users with Business stakeholder role for APM can access the following tables that store the data to load the widgets in the APM PA dashboards:

Table 1. APM tables
Label Table name
Business Application cmdb_ci_business_app
Business Capability cmdb_ci_business_capability
CMDB Relationship cmdb_rel_ci
CI Score apm_app_score
Indicator Score apm_app_indicator_score
Indicators apm_metric
Fiscal Year fiscal_period
Business Process cmdb_ci_business_process
Application Family apm_application_family
Application Category Groups apm_application_category
Application Category apm_application_category_group
Scoring Profiles apm_application_profile
Portfolio pm_portfolio