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Perform the big room planning

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Perform the big room planning

Track the progress of stories and features in a visual task board. Understand the dependencies of features and stories across the sprints of various teams.

Before you begin

Role required: safe_scrum_user, or safe_story_creator

You require the safe_scrum_user role to view the Planning tab, and the safe_story_creator role to create stories.

About this task

  • Create a story and simultaneously assign it to a team and sprint.
  • Drag and place a story at the required location on the tab.
  • Add and view dependencies depicted as links on the tab. Dependencies you add between stories automatically get added to features of the stories.


  1. Navigate to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) > SAFe Board.
  2. From the choice list at the top-left corner, select the level as ART.
  3. Click the Planning tab.
  4. To track the progress of stories of the program increment, select the Story view.
    1. To edit the details of a story in a form, click the story.
    2. To assign a story to another sprint or team within the program increment, select the story and drag it to the required location.
    3. To create a story within a program increment, and simultaneously assign it to a team and sprint:
      1. At the top-right corner of the page, click the backlog icon Backlog icon where you find the stories grouped by features.
      2. Select a feature.
      3. Click Create Story.
      4. Specify the required details in the form and click Submit.
    4. To add dependencies between stories:
      1. Click the story to open in a form.
      2. In the Dependent Stories related list, click Edit.
  5. To track the progress of features of the program increment, select the Features view.
  6. To hide dependencies on the tab, click the hide dependencies icon Hide dependencies icon.
  7. To view records whose details match with a keyword, type the keyword in the search box and press Enter.
  8. To view records in a standard platform list, click Standard list.
  9. For a better overview of the program increment comprising many teams and sprints, click the zoom in icon Zoom in icon or the zoom out icon Zoom out icon accordingly.