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Create a test for a SAFe story

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Create a test for a SAFe story

Create a test, add steps to the test, and create and maintain different versions of the test. A test is a collection of conditions or steps used to determine whether a SAFe story is working correctly. A test can also include an expected result that determines whether the test passes or fails.

Before you begin

  • Role required: safe_scrum_user or safe_admin
  • You can create a test from the List view only when the Test Management 2.0 plugin is installed.


  1. Navigate to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) > SAFe Board.
  2. From the list at the top left corner, select the level as Team.
  3. From the adjacent list, select the required team value.
  4. Click the Sprint Tracking tab, and select the List view.
  5. From the Show list at the top right corner, select Tests.
  6. Click Add Test.
  7. In the form, fill in the fields:
    Table 1. Test Version form
    Fields Description
    Test Unique name of the test.
    Owner Owner who created the test.
    Version Automatically generated version of the test.
    State Current state of the test.
    • Draft: State of the test when it is created.
    • Ready: State of the test when it is not editable. When the test has multiple versions, only one test will be in the Ready state at any one time.
    • Retired: State of the test when it is no longer used.
    Short description Brief description about the test.
    Add Step Button used to add step to a test.
    Run Button used to run steps, which is displayed only when the test is in the Ready state.
    Update Button used to update the details of a test version.
    Ready Button used to change the state of the test version to ready.
    Create New Version Button used to create another version of the test.
    Delete Test Button used to delete the test version.
    Icon used to change the order of a test step Icon used to change the order of a test step. Select the icon and drag a step to the required location.
    Needs Verification Check box used to mark a test step for verification.
    Delete a test step icon Icon used to delete a test step.

What to do next

View information in the following related lists:
Related list Description
Other versions Displays all the versions of a test.
Test Results Displays the run results of each test version.
Test Sets Displays related tests in a test set.