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SAFe Board—Team level

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SAFe Board—Team level

As a team member, you can plan and monitor activities within your team by accessing the Team level on the SAFe Board.

The Team level includes the following tabs:
  • Backlog
  • Sprint Tracking


The Backlog tab enables you to plan and prioritize stories for a sprint or multiple sprints by assessing stories in the backlog.

In addition, you can:
  • Create stories.
  • Reorder stories in the backlog using the drag feature. The story at the top of the backlog assumes higher priority with a lesser rank value. The story at the bottom of the backlog assumes lower priority with a higher rank value.
  • Filter stories by a feature.
  • Type a keyword in the search box to view only stories whose details match with the keyword.
  • Create, organize, monitor, start, and complete sprints.
  • View current and future sprints in chronological order.
  • View these key aspects of a sprint: planned start and end dates, number of story points (total, complete, and pending) for the current sprint.
  • Assess stories in the backlog and drag them to sprints.
  • Move unfinished stories from the completed sprint to the backlog or a future sprint.
Note: To see the backlog of your team on SAFe Board, ensure that your team is:
  • Of the group type SAFe Team, with the role safe_scrum_user assigned to the team members
  • Added to Agile Release Trains
Backlog tab

Sprint Tracking

The Sprint Tracking tab provides the following views:
Story board
Story board is built on visual task boards, which transform the navigation of lists and forms into an interactive graphical experience. The visual task board interface provides a graphic-rich environment suited for managing and collaborating records. To know more about the actions that can be performed in the board, see visual task boards. In addition, you can:
  • Track all the stories of the current sprint across lanes.
  • Move stories from one lane to another, which in turn updates the state of the stories.
  • Filter stories based on search criteria.

Sprint Tracking SAFe Board

Task board
Task board enables you to track all the scrum tasks of stories of the current sprint across lanes.
  • Move scrum tasks from one lane to another, which in turn updates the state of the scrum tasks.
  • Filter scrum tasks based on search criteria.

Sprint Tracking Task Board

List displays scrum tasks and tests associated to stories in each sprint. You can:
  • Add scrum task and tests without leaving the context of the record.
  • View the state, short description, and assignee of the scrum task without drilling down into details.
  • View the short description and run result of a test.
  • Assess scrum tasks and tests that are pending before the closure of current sprint.

Sprint Tracking List