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Delegate time sheet approvals to another user

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Delegate time sheet approvals to another user

You can delegate the responsibilities to process the time sheets of your resources to another user when you might not have time or will be unavailable.

Before you begin

Role required: timecard_admin or timecard_approver

About this task

The delegate must have the timecard_approver role.


  1. Navigate to Time Sheets > Delegate.
  2. In the Delegates list, click New.
  3. On the form, fill in the fields.
    Table 1. Delegate form
    Field Description
    Delegate User to whom the approvals and tasks are delegated.
    Starts Start date of the delegation period.
    Ends End date of the delegation period.
    Approvals Option that enables time card approval delegation.
    Note: The other options on the form (Assignments, CC notifications, and Meeting invitations) are not applicable for time sheet approval delegation.
  4. Click Submit.


The approval delegation has the following effects during the specified period:
  • Both you and the delegate receive notifications regarding approval activity.
  • On the Time Sheet Portal, the delegate can see your resources under Delegates in the My Time Sheet list.
  • Delegates can perform all the functions that you can do for your resources in the Time Sheet Portal: Create and submit their time sheets, approve or reject the submitted time sheets, and recall the processed time sheets.