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Mobile Onboarding app

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Mobile Onboarding app

Enable your new hires to complete onboarding to-dos, ask questions, and view relevant content using the new Mobile Onboarding app.

The following video provides an overview of the Mobile Onboarding app.

Complete onboarding to-dos

Complete your onboarding to-dos New hires can complete their onboarding to-dos from anywhere, such as taking their employee badge photo, signing electronic documents, and setting up direct deposit.

Ask questions

New hires can ask questions related to onboarding. The question appears as a comment in the associated lifecycle event case. The agent working on the case can reply to the new hire using the comments section in the case form. Ask questions related to onboarding.

View relevant content

Media section for Welcome to ServiceNow (Before Joining) New hires can view relevant content at different stages of the onboarding process. For example, new hires can learn more about their upcoming orientation or have the option to download the Now Mobile app after onboarding is complete. You can configure the different media sections to personalize them to your organization.

Activation information

Mobile Onboarding is automatically activated when you activate Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions. If it is not activated, you can manually activate Mobile Onboarding.