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Mobile experience for GRC Risk Management

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Mobile experience for GRC Risk Management

As a risk manager, use your Android or iOS mobile device to manage your work.

Request apps on the Store

Visit the ServiceNow Store website to view all the available apps and for information about submitting requests to the store. For cumulative release notes information for all released apps, refer to the ServiceNow Store version history release notes.


As a user with the Now Platform® risk manager (sn_risk.manager) role, manage your tasks, assignments, requests, approvals, and other follow-up actions all from your mobile device. Receive timely notifications for current alerts, as well as risk and compliance status for all your critical assets, vendors, and impacted essential business services.

With the GRC Mobile application, you can perform the following Risk Management activities without being tied to the desktop:

  • Approve or reject pending tasks that are assigned to you with the Risk Acceptance Tasks applet.
  • Assign unassigned tasks to your team with the Indicator Tasks, Issues, and Remediation Tasks applets.
  • Manage and reassign your team's overdue tasks with the Assessments and overdue Issues applets.

The following figure illustrates how you log in to your Now Platform instance from your mobile device and the landing screen that is displayed after you log in.

Landing page for the Risk Mobile app.

For step-by-step instructions about how to set up your Now Platform instance and install the GRC Mobile application, see Set up checklist for the GRC Mobile application. For instructions about how to log in, see Log in to the GRC Mobile application.

Applications are the ServiceNow® software components such as Policy and Compliance Management, Risk Management, and Audit Management that provide specific features and functionalities within your Now Platform instance. After you install these core applications and the GRC Mobile app on your Now Platform instance, these applications are displayed as icons on the bottom of your Android or iOS mobile device after you log in.
Icons on the bottom of the device screen.
Each ServiceNow® mobile application contains folders that separate the applets by categories. In the preceding image, Pending Approvals, Team's Unassigned Work, and Team's Overdue Work are the folders of the Risk Mobile app.
Applets are the different options within the application. In the preceding image, the icons under the Pending Approvals, Team's Unassigned Work, and Team's Overdue Work sections are the available applets for the Risk Mobile app.