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Dispatch map

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Dispatch map

The Field Service Management dispatch map uses geolocation data to show tasks and agents in the field.

Users with the wm_dispatcher role or the dispatcher combination role can use the dispatch map to schedule and assign work order tasks. When the dispatch map opens, the view centers on the logged in user's location, as defined on the user record. Icons for tasks and agents provide access to scheduling information and links to related records.

An administrator must activate the Field Service Management (com.snc.work_management) plugin to enable the dispatch map.

The image below shows a dispatch map with an agent profile that displays the following:
  • Agent and agent schedule status
  • Agent's assignment group
  • Agent's contact number
  • Time and date when the agent last logged into the system
  • The list of tasks the agent needs to execute on the current date. Each task displays the task details and status.
The map displays the optimized task route for all tasks the agent needs to execute on that day.
Dispatch Map - Agent
The image below shows the agent map with the task filter that displays the following:
  • The date when the tasks are scheduled to be executed.
  • A drop-down list that displays the assignment group of agents scheduled to execute the tasks.
  • List of agents scheduled to execute those tasks.
  • Status of the tasks to be executed for that day.

The dispatch map displays the agent and task location.

Dispatch Map - Tasks