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Agent location

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Agent location

The agent location is determined by the geographic coordinates returned from the agent's mobile device.

Agent starting position

If geolocation is not enabled, the starting position defaults to the agent's home office The Field Service Management application uses these criteria to locate work agents at the beginning of the day:
  • If the agent is routed for a future date, the system calculates the route from the home office.
  • If current geolocation data for the agent is available at the start of the day, the system uses those geographical coordinates instead of the home office as the starting point for the agent's routing.
  • If current geolocation data for the agent is not available for an agent at the start of the day or if geolocation tracking is disabled, the system uses the home office as the starting point.
  • If the agent has a task that is still Work in Progress at the start of the current day, the system starts the agent's route for that day at the location of the unfinished task. The start time is set to the time of the scheduled completion of the unfinished task or the current time, whichever is later.

To enable geolocation tracking:

In the default view of the User form, select the Geolocation tracked check box to enable agent location tracking.

Note: The system can update geographic coordinates only for users who have location services enabled in their browsers. Even users who have the Geolocation tracked check box selected may be prompted by their browsers to share or withhold their location.

When the ServiceNow system tracks an agent, it updates the geographic coordinates whenever the agent loads a record on the Task [task] table or on a table that extends Task. After the initial update, the system continues to update the agent's geographic coordinates at recurring intervals if the agent does not close or reload the record.

Administrators can set the length of this interval by editing the Minimum amount of time between updating the user's location (in seconds) system property. The default geolocation update interval value is 300 seconds, or 5 minutes.

To change the default geolocation update interval, navigate to Geolocation > Administration > Geolocation Properties.