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Use the Customer Service Portal

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Use the Customer Service Portal

Search for information about a question or an issue, or request assistance from a customer service agent.

Your Customer Service Portal activity usually begins on the homepage. Organizations usually customize their homepages, and logged-in users often see different information than users who are not logged in..

From the Customer Service Portal homepage, you can access and use the following features:

Table 1. Customer Service Portal homepage for logged-in users
UI component Description
Knowledge Clicking Knowledge on the header or the main page takes you to the Knowledge home page. You can search the knowledge base or view a list of top-rated or most viewed knowledge base articles.
Requests Displays all your requests. You can also request items and services from the catalog.
My Lists Lists all your cases.
Case Provides access to all cases and quick links to create a product or order case.
Support Navigate to appointments, contacts, work orders, and other quick links.
Notification Displays notifications sent for resolved cases, cases awaiting information, publications, and approvals.
Tours View a tour for additional guidance on how the Customer Service Management application works.Your administrator determines whether tours appear on pages.
Live Chat Click Live Chat to chat with a virtual agent or a customer service agent.
Profile menu Click your profile photo to either view your profile or log out.
Search Enables you to search . Either enter a keyword to use the type-ahead search or enter one or more words to view all search results.
Ask the Community Provides access to the ServiceNow Community homepage where you can ask questions and get answers fast, connect with people who share similar expertise, and join forums and participate in discussions.
Get help Click Get help to make a request or report a problem by opening a case.
Request something Request items and services from the catalog.
Most viewed articles View a list of the most viewed articles.
Featured articles View featured Community content.
Most useful articles View the most useful knowledge articles based on the usage count of the articles.
The following components are available if you have installed communities:
Recent solved discussion View a list of recently solved discussions.
Recent community blog View a list of recently published community blogs.
Community featured content View a list of featured community content.
Note: You can view the metadata for each entry in the widgets, such as the number of views, number of days from the time the article or feature was published, and rating for the article.