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Customer service case form related lists

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Customer service case form related lists

The Case form includes related lists that store case information and that agents can use to perform case-related tasks.

Table 1. Customer service case form related lists
Related List Description
SLAs The service level agreements that are associated with this case.
Tasks Tasks that have been created for this case by the customer service agent or agent manager. When you create a task or change the state of a task, the information is recorded in the case Activity field.
When you create a case task, the system generates a task number with a prefix. Following upgrade to the New York release:
  • New case tasks use the CSTASK prefix.
  • Existing tasks, regardless of state, use the TASK prefix.
Phone The case phone log. A list of incoming or outgoing phone calls associated with this case.
Appointments Appointments that the customer service agent makes with the customer or others as part of resolving this case.

When you create an appointment, an appointment creation message is recorded in the case Activity field. The user selected in the To field on the appointment form receives an email with the appointment details.

Emails The case email log. A list of the emails that are sent or received as part of resolving this case.

The customer service agent or agent manager can send email from within the case, such as updates and inquiries to customers or other employees. A change in the state of the case triggers an automatic email to be sent to the customer.

Customer contacts can create and update cases by email as well as receive updates from customer service agents.

Related Cases A list of cases created for the same account or contact.
Problems A list of problems related to this case.
Work Orders A list of work orders created for this case.
Social Logs A list of the communication with customers or consumers that takes place through social media channels. The Social Log form includes the Social Profile of the user that created the communication and the Social URL for the conversation. Click the URL to open the conversation in a new tab.
Attached Knowledge Knowledge articles attached as a proposed solution to the case.
Knowledge Gaps Feedback tasks that are created when a knowledge gap is reported.
Escalations A list of escalation records that are related to this case.
Child Cases A list of child cases associated with this case
Requests A list of requests associated with this case.
Blocked by A list of blocking tasks that have been created for this case.