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Set up install base

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Set up install base

Track which products and services have been purchased by a customer, how they have been installed or provisioned, along with the detailed configuration for each installed item.

Install base requires the Customer Service Install Base Management plugin (com.snc.install_base).
Note: Customer Service Install Base Management is only available for customers who are licensed for the Customer Service Management application.

Capture the install base for a customer by creating sold products, install base items, and installed products to enable customer service agents to easily trace issues back to the right product, instances of that product, and other entities that might impact their functioning.

Before setting up your install base, create your product data by creating or importing product models. For more information, see Create product data.

There are three parts to setting up your install base.
Sold Products Create a sold product to provide customers, consumers, and customer service agents with a view into the products and services that have been sold to an account or a consumer.
Install Base Items Create an install base item to track instances that have been provisioned for an account or consumer.

An install base item can be any configuration item that has been made accessible to customers. For Software as a Service (SaaS) products, an install base item refers to an application service configuration item.

Installed Products Create an installed product to track information on the instances that a sold product is deployed on at an account or consumer.

A sold product can have multiple installed product records depending on the number of instances of the product in use.

You can create sold products, install base items, and installed products as individual records, import them in bulk, or create them from an Account or Consumer record.