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Social media integration

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Social media integration

Support case resolution through social media communication channels.

When working with customers or consumers to create and resolve cases, agents can select Social as the communication channel and add a social profile to the Case form. Any communication with customers or consumers that takes place through social media is recorded on the Case form in the Social Logs related list.

Customer service managers can create one or more social profiles for a user by recording a user's social profile information on a specific social media channel such as Twitter or Facebook. Managers can create social profiles for accounts, contacts, and consumers from the Social Profiles related list on the entity form. Agents have read-only access to these profiles.

Integration with Customer Service Management

The social media communication channel is integrated with the following Customer Service Management forms: Case, Account, Contact, and Consumer.

On the Case form, the Channel field includes the Social option. Selecting this option adds the Social Profile field to the Case form, in which you can select a specific social media channel. The Social Logs related list captures the details of social media conversations.

The Account, Contact, and Consumer forms include the Social Profiles related list. Customer service managers can create one or more profiles for each of these entities.


The Customer Service Social Integration plugin (com.sn_cs_social) is activated as part of the Customer Service Management plugin.


The Customer Service Social Media plugin adds the following tables.
Table Description
Social Channels


Stores the social channels, which are brought in by the social integration tool.
Social Profiles


Stores the social profiles created for each customer contact or consumer.
Social Logs


Stores the details of social media conversations related to cases.