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Customer Service Management

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Customer Service Management

Use the Customer Service Management (CSM) applications to provide your customers with multiple methods of engagement and collaboration, omni-channel communication, product knowledge and notifications, quick response to questions and issues, and efficient case resolution.

These applications provide the core of the customer service solution:

Customer Service Management
The Customer Service Management application enables you to provide service and support for your external customers through communication channels such as web, email, chat, telephone, and social media. Use the personalized self-service web portal to provide information and assistance. Create cases as needed and automatically route cases to available customer service agents with the required skills, availability, and location. Connect customer service agents to other departments to assist with case resolution.
The Communities application enables you to connect, engage and collaborate with your employees, customers, partners and prospects. Users can get quick responses to their issues by posting questions, reviewing blogs or videos, and searching for previous discussions. Users can also subscribe to forums and topics and provide feedback on content they find useful.
These applications integrate with Customer Service Management and Communities to provide additional customer information and support:
  • The Field Service Management application helps organizations manage work tasks of any kind that need to be performed on location. Use Field Service Management to match tasks to agents based on agent skills, geographic territory assignments, and available inventory. Agents complete assigned tasks and then record the details, including travel and work time.
  • The Knowledge Management application enables the sharing of information in knowledge bases. These knowledge bases contain articles that provide users with information such as self-help, troubleshooting, and task resolution. Knowledge Management supports processes for creating, categorizing, reviewing, and approving articles. Users can search and browse articles as well as provide feedback.
  • The Planned Maintenance application works with Service Management applications to help organizations manage regular, preventive maintenance of their assets. Customers can use maintenance plans to automatically create work orders or facilities requests.
  • The Notify application allows you to integrate with the Twilio telephony service to manage phone calls and SMS messages from within your instance.
  • OpenFrame provides a communication frame that customers can use to integrate telephony systems into the Now Platform. The OpenFrame API can be used to communicate between the Now Platform and the domain opened in the OpenFrame window.

Using guided setup to implement the CSM applications

Guided setup for Customer Service Management, Field Service Management, and Communities provides a sequence of tasks that help you configure these applications on your ServiceNow instance. To open guided setup, navigate to:
  • Customer Service > Administration > Guided Setup
  • Field Service > Administration > Guided Setup
  • Community > Administration > Guided Setup

For more information about using the guided setup interface, see Using guided setup.