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Account hierarchy

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Account hierarchy

Use the account hierarchy feature to create a parent-child relationship between accounts.

An account hierarchy represents the legal entity structure of the accounts and their relationships. It also represents an account's customers, assets, and service entitlements.

Customer administrators can do the following for all of the accounts in the hierarchy:
  • View and create cases.
  • View assets and users.
  • View and manage contacts.

Contacts of the parent account can also access all of the child accounts.

The system administrator defines the hierarchy between accounts on the Account form. From the Account form for the child account, select the parent in the Parent Account field. If this field is not filled in, the account is a top-level account.

After the account hierarchy has been defined, it is displayed on the Account form for the parent account. If a parent account is updated or deleted, the hierarchy for any child accounts is also updated.

View the account hierarchy

The account hierarchy uses a tree structure to show the parent, child, and sibling accounts. Two different views of the account hierarchy are available. In both views, the current account is highlighted in the account structure.
  • The parent view displays the current account, the parent account (if applicable), and any child or sibling accounts.
  • The full view displays the entire structure of the organization from the root account.
Customer service agents can:
  • Expand and collapse the tree structure.
  • Switch between the parent view and the full view.
  • Click an account to open the related Account form.

Account hierarchy in Agent Workspace for CSM

From the Account form, customer service agents can click the open hierarchy icon (Open hierarchy icon) in the Name field to see the parent-child account relationships in the Account Hierarchy pop-up window. The account hierarchy is available for accounts that have a parent or child account.
Figure 1. Agent Workspace for CSM Account Hierarchy pop-up window
Agent Workspace for CSM account hierarchy pop-up window

Account hierarchy in the platform interface

Customer service agents can view account information in the Account Hierarchy section on the Account form.
Figure 2. Account hierarchy (platform interface)
Account hierarchy structure in the platform interface

Create an account hierarchy

Create a parent-child relationship between two accounts.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to Customer Service > Customer > Accounts.
  2. Select the desired child account.
  3. Select the parent for this account in the Parent Account field.
  4. Click Update.
    The account hierarchy is displayed in a tree map on the Account form for the parent account.