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AWA for CSM overview

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AWA for CSM overview

Use the ServiceNow®Advanced Work Assignment (AWA) for Customer Service Management feature to automatically assign work items to agents based on their availability, capacity, and skills. AWA for CSM pushes work to qualified agents using work item queues, routing conditions, and assignment criteria that you define. Agents see their assignments in their Agent Workspace inbox.


You can activate the Advanced Work Assignment for CSM plugin (com.snc_csm.awa) if you have the admin role. Activating this plugin also activates the following plugins:
  • Customer Service (com.sn_customerservice), which activates the CSM Workspace, Agent Chat, and Interactions plugins
  • Advanced Work Assignment (com.glide.awa)

To use the chat feature with Advanced Work Assignment for CSM, you must also activate the Agent Chat plugin (com.glide.interaction.awa).

For more information, see Activate related plugins for Advanced Work Assignment.

Inbox layouts

Three chat inbox layouts are included with the Chat service channel.
Chat Layout Included Fields
Default Chat Layout Short description
Contact Chat Layout Short description, Contact, Account
Consumer Chat Layout Short description, Consumer
Two case inbox layouts are included with the Case service channel.
Case Layout Included Fields
Default Case Layout Short description, Contact, Account, Priority, Category
Consumer Case Layout Short description, Consumer, Priority, Category