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Writing to the debug log

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Writing to the debug log

To write to the debug log in your client-side JavaScript, or UI policies, make a call to the global function jslog().

An example of using jslog() in JavaScript:
function logData (r ) {
    lastLogDate  = r. responseXML. documentElement. getAttribute ( "last_log_entry" ) ; var items  = r. responseXML. getElementsByTagName ( "log" ) ;
    jslog ( "response=" + r. responseText ) ; }

Additionally, when client scripts run, the name of the client script and timing information is displayed. This can be useful in determining which scripts are running and whether they are impacting performance.

Debug UI policies

Enabling the glide.ui.ui_policy_debug property lets you monitor the processing of UI actions.

Here are some sample log events from an incident policy that sets fields to read-only if the incident_state is closed.
GlideFieldPolicy: Evaluating condition
GlideFieldPolicy:     incident_state (7) = 7 -> true
GlideFieldPolicy: --->>> TRUE
GlideFieldPolicy:    Setting opened_at disabled to true
GlideFieldPolicy:    Setting opened_by disabled to true
GlideFieldPolicy:    Setting closed_at disabled to true
GlideFieldPolicy:    Setting closed_by disabled to true
GlideFieldPolicy:    Setting company disabled to true

Access the JavaScript log

JavaScript that runs on the browser, such as client scripts, can include a call to jslog() to send information to the JavaScript Log. Users with the admin role can access this log.

  1. Open the JavaScript log by navigating to the appropriate location for your version of the UI.
    1. Click the gear icon in the banner frame.
    2. Click the Developer section.
    3. Toggle the JavaScript Log and Field Watcher switch.
    1. Click the gear icon in the banner frame.
    2. Click JavaScript Log and Field Watcher.
    UI11 Click the debug icon (The debug icon) in the banner frame.
    A new pane opens at the bottom of the screen. It shows the JavaScript Log tab and may also show the Field Watcher tab.
  2. If needed, select the JavaScript Log tab.
  3. Click the clear icon (The clear icon) to clear the contents of the log, as needed.