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Guided Application Creator

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Guided Application Creator

Guided Application Creator is the new way to set up applications on the Now Platform®. You can set up an application and use it right away. A developer can add more functions later.

Guided Application Creator welcome screen

Using Guided Application Creator

Setting up an application in Guided Application Creator involves:
  • Creating an application record
  • Defining user roles
  • Designating data tables
  • Designing the application for different user experiences

You can also use Guided Application Creator to create an application record and then configure it in Studio later. For more information, see Create an application record in Guided Application Creator.

User experiences

When you set up an application in Guided Application Creator, you can make your application available in three different user experiences.
User experience Description
Workspace Private workspace for your application. Select this user experience to let users receive and manage application records like a service desk.
Note: This option is available only if the Agent Workspace (com.agent_workspace) plugin is activated.

ServiceNow Agent mobile app. Select this user experience to support users who work from a mobile device.

Classic Now Platform. Select this user experience to let your users work on your application via lists and forms.

Guided Application Creator and the application creation process

Setting up an application in Guided Application Creator does not capture the entire process of creating an application. It is just one step of the process. Before you set up an application in Guided Application Creator, plan what kind of application you need for your business requirements before you build it.

After you set up an application in Guided Application Creator, you can further develop the application using Studio, Flow Designer, and Team Development. After the application is fully built, you can test the application and then share the application with your users.

For more information on the application creation process, see Creating applications.

Activation information

Guided Application Creator is enabled via the Guided Application Creator (com.sn_guided_app_creator) plugin, which is active by default in the Now Platform.

If you are using Microsoft Edge or a version of Internet Explorer that is IE11 or older, you can work only in the legacy application creator. To work in Guided Application Creator, use a different browser.

Browser support for workspaces that you create

You can create a workspace in Guided App Creator. Internet Explorer 11 will not be supported for any type of Workspace after the New York release. See KB0683275 for more information on Internet Explorer 11, and see Generally supported browsers for more information about browsers and what you can use across the platform.