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Search within application files

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Search within application files

Studio allows application developers to search within application files for matching record values.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

This procedure requires creating a scoped application.

About this task

You can search within application files to add, remove, or update application file values.


  1. Navigate to System Applications > Applications.
  2. From the Develop tab, click the Edit button next to the application you want to modify.
    The system opens the application in the Studio.
  3. From the header, click Code Search.
    You can also use a Studio keyboard shortcut.
    Table 1. Studio keyboard shortcut
    Keyboard combination Description

    Windows: Control+Shift+F

    Mac: Command+Shift+F

    Code Search. Search for any file or value.
    Studio opens the Search pop-up window.
  4. In Search term, enter a search string.
    Search term dialog
  5. (Optional) Select any additional search criteria.
    Select a table to search Search for matches only within the selected file type.
    Search in all applications Search for matches throughout the instance, not just within the current application.
    Note: Searches across all applications can take a long time.
  6. Click Search.
    The Studio conducts a case-insensitive search of the application files you selected. While the search is running, Studio displays a search progress indicator. You can click the cancel icon to stop the search. When the search is complete, the system opens a new tab in the content frame to display the search results by application file type. Each application file type displays the number of matching search results.
    A sample search results tab displaying seven matches for the string SAMPLE in the current application.
  7. From the search results tab, expand an application file type and click a record name.
    Studio opens the application file record in a new tab in the content frame.