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Software Asset Management SAP publisher pack

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Software Asset Management SAP publisher pack

Use the Software Asset Management SAP publisher pack to integrate your SAP systems, create entitlements and software models, and track licensing positions for SAP users to determine your SAP compliance. User data can be reconciled between SAP systems and named license purchases.

The SAP publisher pack uses the SAP licensing model based on named user types. Users purchase different types of named user licenses, such as Professional, Limited, and Employee, and then attach a user name to each license. This means that at a given time, you can only have a user name attached to the set number of named user licenses that you have purchased.

Note: You can switch a user name to a different Named User Type at any time. You can also have user names associated with multiple Named User Type licenses.

Before you can establish a connection between your SAP system and the Now Platform, you must import the transform files provided with the add-on using the SAP Transport Management System (STMS) and configure a service provider with the SOA manager. For detailed instructions, see Establish an SAP connection.

After an SAP connection has been established, SAP data is scheduled to be pulled weekly. Data is pulled for the Named User Type [samp_named_user_type] and Price List [samp_price_list] tables during these scheduled jobs.

Use the SAP publisher pack add-on to manage compliance for your SAP software by creating software models, defining license metrics, and creating your own custom user type licenses.
Note: Custom named user types created in the instance are not reflected in the SAP system. You must update your SAP system as well.

View your license usage with the Software Publisher Analytics dashboard. Based on this information, reclaim any unused or unauthorized licenses to optimize your licensing position.

Watch this seven-minute video to learn more about SAP publisher packs.

Tables installed with the SAP publisher pack add-on

The SAP publisher pack add-on adds the following tables.

Table Description
SAP Connection [samp_sap_connection] SAP system connections.
SAP RFC Destination [samp_sap_client] Remote Function Call (RFC) destination connecting Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) systems to external systems.
SAP System User [samp_sap_system_user] User data for SAP systems. User data pulled from the SAP system is stored in the SAP System User [samp_system_user] table. The data is then referenced in the Discovered Users [samp_discovered_user] table, which contains user names that correspond to the user record.