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SaaS License Management

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SaaS License Management

Use the ServiceNow SaaS License Management application to integrate with Box, DocuSign, Dropbox, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and Salesforce Service Cloud services. View usage data on licenses and immediately recover unused licenses.

Note: To view compliance analysis results for Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Cloud, navigate to SaaS License > Office 365 & Adobe Cloud. For more information about managing Office 365 and Adobe Cloud, see Office 365 and Adobe Cloud dashboard.

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery service where software is provided on a subscription basis, hosted in a central location, and typically accessed via a web browser.

Use SaaS License Management to manage compliance and optimize SaaS licensing.
  • Create and manage SaaS integrations.
  • View SaaS cost and compliance information on the Overview dashboard.
  • View and manage software models generated from SaaS integration profiles.
  • Review and reclaim stale user subscriptions.
    Note: Stale refers to user subscriptions that have limited to no activity within the defined activity threshold.

SaaS License Management dashboard

View subscription usage and cost on the SaaS License Management dashboard.

Access the SaaS License Management dashboard tab by navigating to SaaS License > Overview. You can filter the dashboard by software model or publisher. Click any element to see more information.

The Overview dashboard shows SaaS cost and compliance. The Subscription Consumptions Trend section shows assigned subscriptions, subscriptions in use, and available subscriptions for past weeks. A new graph is added each week.
Table 1. Overview
Field Description
Current Subscription Spend Total spend for all active entitlements for SaaS software models.
Percentage of Stale Subscriptions Percentage of stale subscriptions based on the number of stale rights divided by the total number of assigned rights.
Underperforming Subscription Spend Total spent on stale licenses.
Assigned Subscriptions Total number of assigned rights for SaaS software models.
True-up Cost Cost to have your total number of rights owned match the total number of rights assigned. This metric helps verify that you are paying for all of the rights you are using.
Actual Savings Year-to-Date Total savings for the year for all subscription products. This value is generated by aggregating the savings from closed reclamation candidates.
Subscription Consumptions Trend Total number of assigned subscriptions, subscriptions in use, and available subscriptions week-by-week.