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License Workbench

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License Workbench

Review reconciliation results in a simplified workbench view.

The License Workbench lets you forecast the needs of your organization by trending the number of rights consumed against the number of active rights purchased. You can stay in compliance by purchasing additional rights before software consumption surpasses the number of rights owned.

Workbench features include:
  • Color-coded compliance banner
  • Financial calculations on card
  • Publisher pinning functionality (user specific, saved)
  • Sort card functionality
  • Active filtering
  • Card drill-down to Product Results list
  • Keyboard control
  • Group and subgroup reconciliation information, if applicable
SAM License Workbench
Pinned publishers are listed in the Pinned Publishers tab. The list of pinned publishers is saved on a per-user basis.
Table 1. License Workbench tabs
Tab Description
All Publishers List of all publishers.
Publishers Out of Compliance List of all publishers where status is not compliant.
Pinned Publishers User-specific saved list of publishers that have been grouped together.

Publisher workbench navigation tree

You can drill down on a specific publisher, product, software model, or license metric in the publisher workbench navigation tree to view calculation and compliance information from the latest reconciliation results.

Navigation tree features:
  • Filter products (active filtering, including collapsed items)
  • Compliance toggle switch
  • Expand and collapse tree links
  • Software model compliance icons
Publisher Results
By default, the navigation tree on the publisher license overview page is collapsed. When expanded, it is grouped by publisher:
  • Publisher

    Related list: Product Results

    • Product results

      Related lists:

      • Software Model Results
      • Unlicensed Installs (SAP: Unlicensed Users)
      • Unlicensed Subscriptions (Adobe only)
      • Removal Candidates
      • Software model results

        Related lists:

        • License Metric Results
        • Remediation Options
        • Unlicensed Installs (SAP: Unlicensed Users)
        • Unlicensed Subscriptions (Adobe only)
        • Unlicensed Options (Oracle only)
        • Removal Candidates
        • Purchase Orders (only when Procurement is active)
        • License metric results

          Related lists:

          • Rights Used By
          • Installs Used (SAP: System Users)
          • Downgrades/Upgrades (Adobe only)
          • Subscriptions Used (Adobe only)
Table 2. Report calculations
Report Description
Publisher, product, software model
Total Spend

Total cost of rights owned.

True-up Cost

Estimated cost of remediating non-compliance based on the least number of rights needed (rights needed * average price per right from entitlements).

The lowest cost from Purchase Rights remediation options.

Over-licensed Amount

Estimated cost of rights not being used. The sum of the Over Licensed amount from the True-up value costs.

Potential Savings

Estimated savings from reclaiming unused installs.

Note: This value is shown only in publisher and product results.
Agreement Type

Software license type.

Note: This value is shown only in software model results.
License metrics
Rights Owned

Sum of all active rights from entitlements that share a license metric.

Rights Used

Sum of rights used during reconciliation (allocated + not allocated and installed).

Rights Available

Sum of rights not used during reconciliation (rights owned - rights used).

Over-licensed Amount

Estimated cost of unused rights.

Right Allocations
  • Allocated in use
  • Not allocated in use
  • Allocated not in use
  • Not allocated
  • Allocations needed
Rights Owned vs Rights Consumed

Comparison of rights owned and rights consumed.

Total Rights Consumed:
  • If Rights Needed > 0

    Total Rights Consumed = Rights Consumed(Rights Used + Rights Needed) + Rights Available(unused_rights)

  • If Rights Needed =0

    Total Rights Consumed = Rights Used

(Rights Needed are derived from the Purchase Rights remediation option, if existing)