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Legacy: Join a chat room

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Legacy: Join a chat room

How to join a chat room in legacy chat.

  1. If another user invites you to join a chat room, an invitation appears in your favorites list.
    Figure 1. Chat invitation
    Chat invitation
  2. To respond, click the invitation.
    A window opens that displays the room name, room description, and the name of the user who invited you.
    • To join the chat, click Join. When the chat window opens on your chat desktop, click the window.
    • To ignore the invitation, click Decline.
    Figure 2. View invitations
    View invitations

    To rejoin a favorite chat room that you have left, click the chat room name in the Rooms section of the favorites list.

    To join a public chat room without an invitation, right-click the Rooms section header and select Public Rooms. Double-click a room name on the list.