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Legacy: Create a chat room

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Legacy: Create a chat room

How to start a chat with multiple users from the legacy chat desktop.

About this task

To start a chat with multiple users from the chat desktop (requires access rights):


  1. Click Create Room on the favorites list toolbar.
    Figure 1. Add room
    Add room
  2. Enter the room details (see table).
  3. Click Create Room. An invitation appears in the favorites list of all invited users and a new chat window opens on your chat desktop.
    Figure 2. Chat task create
    Chat task create
    Table 1. Chat task create
    Field Value
    Room name Enter a name to appear on the chat window header or click the Generate a unique room name button (
    Figure 3. Room name generator
    Room name generator
    ) to use a system-generated name. The default name for a room created from a task is Chat Room for <Task Number>.
    Description Enter a room description that appears under the name in the rooms list. The default description for a room created from a task is <Short Description>.
    Password Enter a password, if desired. If a password is specified, only users with the password can join the chat room.
    Room avatar Upload an image that appears beside the room name in the list of rooms. Click the picture and browse to the desired image file.
    Features Select all applicable check boxes:
    • Public if all users can see the room in the rooms lists.
    • Members Only if only invited users can join the room.
    • Temporary if the room is not saved once all participants have left. This feature is not available for rooms created from tasks; task chat rooms are always available on the task record.
    Invite Add invited users by using the glide list. For a room created from a task, you can also select all applicable check boxes:
    • Assignment group: invite all users in the assignment group for the task.
    • Watch list: invite all users on the watch list for the task.