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Request an instance

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Request an instance

Request the provisioning of a new Amazon EC2 instance through the service catalog.

  1. Navigate to Self-Service > Service Catalog.
  2. Select Amazon EC2 Instance from the Request Application Infrastructure category.
    Figure 1. EC2 Service Catalog 2
  3. Select the operating system, the type of instance (Large or Small), and the number of instances requested.

    See the specifications for Large and Small instances in Amazon EC2 Instance Types.

  4. Type a reason for the request.
    Figure 2. EC2 Service Catalog
  5. Click Order Now to order the instance.
    The Order Status form appears, summarizing the request. A status bar tracks the progress of the approval and provisioning of the EC2 instance.
    Figure 3. EC2 Order Status

    Upon successful creation of the instance, you receive an email containing the instance ID, IP address, and the public DNS for the instances created.